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Upcoming Events

On your TV in June or September 2013...Riju was hired to provide some of the trained dogs for an upcoming fund raiser special on PBS. It was aired a few times in Dec and will be back on in June or September.  The name of the show is “Wake Up & Smell The Poop”. Yes, I know, it’s a weird title but I believe the point is for people to wake up and realize some of their dogs have behavior problems that can and should be addressed.

The Riju owned or trained dogs to watch for are Parti colored Pom JJ, Borzoi Flirt, Yorkie Raffy, Border Collies Sydney and Charlie, and Golden Bella. Check back later for the dates and channel(s) our stars will be on TV!


Conformation Handling Classes taught by Professional Handler  Greg Wessel. 443-465-4703


 Conformation practice is also hosted by the local kennel club which is the Northeastern Indiana KC. See their website for a list of dates, times and the cost.  Free for Jr Handlers.

Nosework fun match FWOTC Sat Oct 6, 2018

FWOTC obedience trials in Ft Wayne May 2018