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Student Hall of Fame

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Carol S., Doberman, U-CDX Lyndobe’s Dark Angel Lynmar UDX3, OM, RE, CGC, AKC all breed HIGH IN TRIAL winner

AKC / UKC High in Trial, OTCH ptd.
Field Spaniel, U-CDX Ch Waterfield’s Born to be a Star UD, RE, CGC, (2 NA legs and 1 NAJ leg) Group Placer
Dobe “Lexus” U-CD, UD Multi UKC High In Trial winner, finished AKC CD with 198 1/2

Dobe CH “Ziva” CD, U-CD Spec HIT winner

Tim S., Goldens, “Ginger” UDX2, OTCH ptd.
“Casey” CDX (Casey did a lot of therapy dog visits with us at nursing homes over the years).

“Bella”  BN, UD (Bella finished her CD in 3 trials with 3 First Place wins & 2 all Breed High In Trials!)

Whippet, Longlesson Turtle Dove CD, RN
“Dove” is owned by Jan S. in Tennessee and was trained and shown in obedience and rally by June

Debbie M., Lab, U-CDX “Rusty” UD, RE, U-AG1, ASCA CD, CGC, ASCA High in Trial
Lab, “Jewel” CDX, AX, AXJ, U-CDX

Lora S, Golden/Cocker mix “Gracie” CD, RN

Laura R, LH Dachshund CH “JJ”

Fran G, Cocker “Dooley” CD, BN, RN

Fran G and Cocker, “Charley” BN, RN

Sandy H, Sheltie “Watson” CDX, GN

Angie G., Lab, “Buddy” CD, CGC (3 legs in 3 trials)
Mix breed, “Crushy” CD, CGC (finished in 3 trials)
(both Buddy and Crushy are rescued pound puppies)
Angie trained her previous Boxers at Riju and did therapy dog visits at the nursing home with us

Lisa C., German Shorthaired Pointer, “Rosie” MH, CGC
GSP, “Angel”, CGC, JH
Lisa hunts with her dogs.

Tamika M., Irish Setter, “Matthew” CD (They also won their 4-H class at the Indiana State Fair. First place out of 75 dogs!)

Cheryl E., Flat Coated Retriever, Ch “Cruise”  CDX, RE, MX, AXJ, JH, VFCR1, WC and FCR GR CH “Cosby” CD, RE, OA, OAJ, JH, WC

Pat R., Irish Wolfhound, “Riley” RN, CGC

Diane H., Goldendoodle, “Dandy” CGC

Karl C., Shelties, “Dutch” CD, CGC
Dutch finished in 3 trials with 3 placements then won his Nov A class at the Sheltie Specialty in Colorado. Sadly Karl suddenly and unexpectedly passed away later the same day of his big win. He was a wonderful man and we miss seeing him and all his lovely dogs very much.
“Patsy” CGC (his conformation dog) and his Canadian import “Junie”

Ralph G., Yorkies, Fantasy’s Schyler CD, RN, CGC
Finished in 3 trials with three 1st Place wins and an average score of 194
2x winner of High In Trial at their National Specialty
CH “Faith”

Angie H., Chinese Crested, “Rudy” CD, RE, CGC
Chinese Crested “Anderson” RN, CGC

German Shepherd, Uwe The Great CD, CGC owned by David and Peggy T.
“Uwe” was trained and shown to his titles by June. He had several placements and won a High In Match. He was completely trained through the CDX level but never competed due to bad hips.

Carol M, Border Collies, “Charlie” CDX, RE, CGC and OTCH, GCh “Sydney” UDX, CGC (multiple HIT winner).  GCH “Four” and “Journey”

Pam G., Germ Shep mix, “Daysha” CGC

Joe M, Beagle, “Buddy” CD, RN, CGC, U-CD (1 CDX leg) and
Jack Russell “Katie” NA, NAJ (Katie was a first class trick dog and visited a lot of nursing homes over the years showing off her talents)
Jack Russell “Patch”, Beagle mix “Bert”, Beagle “Duffy”

Joe M and rescued mix breed “Rosa”

Katie C, Dobe, “Rayni” CD, RN

Ann S., Golden, Spicewood’s Suite Adeline CD, RA, CGC
She finished her CD in 3 trials !
(“Addy” is an actively visiting Therapy dog,
Ann made 70 volunteer visits to nursing homes and hospitals in 2007. Wow!)

Ann S and Golden “Mickey” BN

Borzoi, FC “Strider” FCH, CGC owned by Dr Anne Midgarden DVM, trained and shown to his CGC by June. Strider was most of the way trained through the novice level of obedience as well.

Borzoi, “Sagan”, aka CH Teine Galaxy Rambler CD, LCM, CGC, shown by June to his CD. BCOA Best In Triathlon winner

Borzoi “Bella” owned by Dr Anne Midgarden DVM, shown for her first 3 Championship points by June

Weimaraner, Nani’s Jazztime Rumor CD, CGC, owned by Cheryl S..
“Jazz” was trained and shown by June

Laurren F., Labs, “Bear” CD, RN OA, OAJ (2 CDX legs)
“Ace” OA, AXJ
Both Bear and Ace are 4 H dogs

Dick M., Sheltie, “Shelley” CD (1 CDX leg)
Shelley was retired due to age related health problems before she could finish her CDX.

Genie B., Goldens, “Benjamin” CD, “Mathew” CD, “Winston”, and Corgi “Sammy”

Jim H., Welsh Terrier, “Maggie” CGC

Sandra H., Borzoi, Teine Lunar Eclipse CD, RN (Ch ptd.)
“Luna” was initially trained by June and shown to the first leg of her CD and RN by June
and dam of our “Games” & “Rider”

Barb & Sandy N., Papillions, “Bentley” RN, CGC

Dan & Andrea O., Bull Terrier, AKC/SKC CH Thisbe’s Fancy
“Thisbe” was shown to both championships by June. She finished easily with 4 majors and won a SKC Best In Show as well as many Group placements and wins.

Kevin & Julie J., Mastiff, AKC/SKC CH Sidetrack Farm’s Mr Butkus
“Butkus” was shown to both Championships by June. He finished his AKC Championship undefeated for the points and went Best of Breed over Specials. In SKC he had group wins/placements and then won Best In Show.

Jim S, Field Spaniel, “Rozzer” CGC

Vern C., Aussie, “Molly” UD, NAP, UD-H, U-UD, ASCA CD
Multiple UKC and CDSP High In Trial winner
Aussie, U-CD “Aeryn” CGC
Multi UKC High In Trial

Becky B., Aussie, “Riker” CDX, NA, U-CDX, UD-H
Multiple UKC and CDSP High In Trial winner

Scot & Susan W., Giant Schnauzer, “Carleigh” RN (1 CD leg)
Std Poodle “Darcee” CGC

Gordy C., Lab, “Chelsea” CDX

Erin M., Golden, “Abbie” CD
(Erin and Abbie did a lot of nursing home therapy visits with us over the years)

Weimaraner, Chrismars Grey Knight CD, U-CD owned by Vern W, trained and shown by Rich
“Schoen’s” owner hunted with him. We also took Schoen to a lot of nursing home & hospital visits

Dual CH Annwn Edessa FCH, SC Borzoi owned by Dr Anne Midgarden DVM
June took “Edessa” to several field trials where she finished her AKC field championship and started working on her ASFA lure courser of merit title. Edessa is the dam of our “Catch” and “Flirt”

CH Teine Abracadabra SC, GRC, ROM, Borzoi owned by Dr Anne Midgarden DVM
Anne and friend Suzi got the first ½ of “Abra’s” championship including her first 2 majors. June showed her and won 2 back to back majors to finish her CH
Abra is the dam of our “Avada”

Debbie G, Yorkie, “Rafferty” AX, AXJ, RA, U-CH, RO-1, CGC , UD, OTCH ptd
Nat’l Specialty High In Trial winner (his 1st time in the ring!)
(Multi UKC Rally High in Trial Winner)

Deb G and Pap “Robbie” CD, U-CD, BN, RN

Neal, Sheila, Mel, Travis H, mixed breeds “Candi” CD, RN, BN, CGC, therapy dog and “Valentine” CDX, RE,BN,  CGC, therapy dog
(Candi & Val finished their CDs in 3 trials!)
Beagle “Maggie” CD, RN, BN, CGC, therapy dog and Foxhound “Barney”RN, BN, CGC, therapy dog and Beagle “Jake”, Pom “Remy” CD, RN, BN
Candi also won a local trick contest.

Sheila H and Pom “Remy” CD, BN, RA

Loraine F, G Shep “Moose” CDX, BN, GN, RA and G Shep “Huey” BN, RN

Lauren B, Golden “Case” CD, BN, RN and G Shep “Nash”

Jenna J-T, Pit Bull mix “Flytish” BN, CD, RN

Lynn S, Dobe “T” CD

Nikol M., Great Dane, “Bronte” RN
Great Dane, CH “Emma”, Great Dane “Glory”

Devan B, Boxer, “Bruno”
These two won grand Champion in 4 H

Greg & Sue H, Bernese Mountain Dogs, “Parker”, Fletcher”, and “Maddie” & BC mix “Gracie” CGC, “Emmett” CGC, “Stella” CGC
Parker won a local trick contest with some great routines

Tom & Kathy P., Bernese Mountain Dog “Woody” CH pointed
Rich handled him in conformation and won several points on him.
Woody also visited nursing homes with us and did a really neat trick the residents loved

Denise P, Border Collie mix, “Zone” CGC
Zone did a lots of therapy dog visits with us over the years

Steve & Stacey W, Irish Terrier, “Dugan” CGC

Betty Lou N., Sheltie, “Blazer”, CGC, 1 U-CD leg
Havanese, “Radar” CGC

Mary Lee K, Std Poodle, “Sami” CGC

Roger & Beth W, Mix breeds, “Kahlua” CGC and “Kamorra” CGC

Jody Y, Rhodesian Ridgeback, “Oliver” CGC

Collette S, Collie, “John Wayne” CGC

Carol Z, Greyhound, “Gem” CGC

Todd & Jennifer R, Weimaraner, “Jaeger” CGC

Lance T, Beagle, “Snoop” CGC

Alvin S, Beagle, “Wizard” CGC

Kristi K, Std Poodle, “Jasper” CGC

Lamoin K, Mastiff, “Thor” CGC

Julia N, German Shepherd Mix, “Kera” CGC

Leon B, German Shepherd, “Kobe” CGC

Tom and Sally S, Lab/Shep mix, “Gus” CGC

Ron and Stephanie S., Lab “Gabe” CGC

Jennifer P, mix, “Cinder” RA, CGC

Dori M., Goldens “Kula” BN & “Jenna” BN

Melissa K., Std. Poodle “Otto” BN

Bobbie B., Yorkie “Tigger” BN, RA, CGC

Sheila D, mix, “Boomer” BN, RA

Linda H, Greyhounds, “Max” CGC & “Tommy”CGC

Josiah H, mix, “Onyx” CGC

Sheila H, Cav. King Charles Sp., “Katie” CGC

Lauren D., Min. Schnauzer, “Dexter” CGC

Erin L., Sheltie, “Lily” CGC

Ron G, Beagle, “Truffles” (best friend)

Vicki G, Beagle mix, “Bandit” (best friend)

Anthony A (lawyer and star of tv commercials :) ), Weimaraners, “Thor” and “Goliath”

Lloyd and Lida E, German Shepherd, “Cooper” (beloved pet)

Loraine F and G Shep “Moose” CD, BN, RA, CGC and G Shep Huey, BN, RN, CGC

Lauren B and Golden “Case” CD, BN, RN, CGC and G Shep “Nash”