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Riju Dog Training Methods

A middle of the road, common sense approach

There are lots of different training methods just as there are lots of different dogs and people and differing personalities. We prefer what we consider to be an overall more effective, and intelligent approach. A common sense, middle of the road combination using both positive and negative reinforcement. We use praise, petting, food, play, and toys for positive reinforcement along with leash, collar, and/or verbal corrections for negative reinforcement. Our goal is a happy, well adjusted pet who responds with reasonable reliability. We want to get people to train their pets to be good canine citizens, not canine delinquents. We want to see good manners and control. We want people to be responsible pet owners who keep and take good care of their dogs for life. We want dogs to have long and happy lives full of love.

Our #1 goal is to produce a well mannered pet that is easy to live with, but our passion is to show dogs. We have titled a LOT of dogs. Most made their top ten national breed rankings. In addition, June has trained and shown 13 dogs of 5 different breeds to the ultimate top win of High In Trial – 8 Borzoi, 2 Weimaraners, 1 Labrador Retriever, 1 Border Collie and 1 Pomeranian. You can’t repeatedly win top honors with lousy training techniques. Training for competition is much more demanding and difficult than just training for every day good manners. We can help you achieve your goals with your dog, whatever they may be, for everyday living or the show ring. Call us today and find out more!