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There are many training options at Riju. If you are uncertain or have questions about our training, please drop us a line or call 260-723-4633.

Click here for class start and end dates, plus more class descriptions and details.

7 week long Beginners class – $140.oo
Each set of 7 week long classes thereafter with same dog – $75

Private Instruction in home – $70 per lesson + #20 trip charge OR………….. a lesson at our buildings – $40  per lesson, approx. 45 min long

Let us Jump Start your dog before taking class or privates - 2 weeks – $40 per day ($560.00)

We can also train your dog for you – (1 month) 30 days of basic obedience & good manners.  $1250.00. Includes a lesson at drop off and one that can be scheduled within 2 weeks after that.