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In Loving Memory

This is a list of our beloved dogs who are gone but not forgotten. They brought us a lot of love and happiness and taught us so much. We miss them all and cherish the time we had with them. Most lived long lives with us. A couple passed away much too young.

Beagle mix “Suger”
June’s first dog as a young teenager, Suger was a rescue. Her one trick was to jump through a little hoop on command. She was a wonderful walking and hiking companion.

English Setter “Spotted Dawg”
June’s 4 H dog, a rescue. They used to go to the playground together and do the slides and tunnels.

Weimaraner “Alex”
Chrismars Prince Alexander UDT, NRD, Can CD, U-UD, TDI, OTCH ptd
Specialty & Natl Specialty High In Trial winner
Alex was a fantastic trick dog. He could open his crate door and then close it after himself, bark out the answers to math problems, fetch a kleenex on the cue of a sneeze, pick up our keys, and much more. Early on he was a stubborn challenge but he turned into a truly wonderful dog.

Borzoi “Regal”
Azerbajian Royale CDX, U-CDX, Can CD, TDI, CH ptd
Regal was a rescue dog we got at almost 2yrs old as a basket case. With a lot of love and training and exercise he went on to accomplish all the titles you see above, plus he was a great therapy dog and pet.

Borzoi “Muffie”
Nickolai Riazan Shprintze CDX, U-CDX, Can CD, TDI
All breed & Specialty High In Match winner

Borzoi “Tristan”
AKC/SKC CH Riju Magic Moment Of Nickolai CDX, TD, U-CD

Weimaraner “Clifford”
SKC CH Chrismars Cheers V Riju CDX, NSD, CGC
AKC CH ptd

Bull Terrier “Willie”
SKC CH Riju Gives Me The Willies CGC
AKC CH ptd

Borzoi “Jasmine”
SKC CH Riju On The Rampage CD, CH ptd

Borzoi “Radji”
Riju Red Ruble CD

Labrador Retriever “Elliott”
Riju Top The Charts UD, NA, NAJ, U-CDX, U-AG1 CGC
UKC High In Trial winner
Dog World Award winner

Labrador Retriever “Sadie”
SKC CH Sadie Hoskins Of Dory CDX, U-CD, U-AG1, CGC
Sadie came to us as an adult after she no longer fit into her previous owners lives. She was a wonderful dog, just like we knew she would be.

Husky/Aussie mix “Tex” U-CD, U-AG1
We inherited Tex as a 3yr old after June’s mom passed away

Weimaraner “Crash”
Jar-Em Stars Collide V Riju NA, NAJ. CD, CGC
AKC all breed High In Trial winner
Dog World Award winner

Links to some of our dogs who have passed on…

Borzoi Aziza
AKC, UKC, Specialty, & Natl Specialty High In Trial winner
Dog World Award winner

Borzoi Desi
Multiple Best In Field winner
Best In Trialthlon winner
Specialty High In Trial winner

Borzoi Trinsic
AKC all breed & Natl Specialty High In Trial winner