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Control and Good Manners (video)

Our Beginner classes are focused on helping the owner to get control & teach good manners. We also do tricks, dabble in agility, and show dogs. In short, we like dogs trained and we like to have fun and enjoy them. Click on the links below to see short video clips showing just a few of the various things we can do with dogs.

5 dogs dropping in unison off leash.
Find It! Flirt does scent discrimination.
Tug-o-war / Aggression
June showing Pom & 2 Borzoi at the local trial
Practical Obedience.
ACHOO! & Take a bow.
Borzoi “Flirt”  Open B run (Off leash obedience-Heel, Retrieve, Jump)

Teaching the Formal Retrieve
Boundary Training (“Stay inside” NOT “stay”)
Stay means stay
Pom JJ Open JWW agility run
Testimonial (4 well mannered dogs).
Enjoying our dogs doing tricks.
Dog Trick.
Dobe learning heel off leash.

Borzoi “Games” Novice Agility
Practical Obedience 2.

Borzoi “Catch” HIGH IN TRIAL Novice Run

Pom “JJ” Open B Run

“Peyton”- Early Training

 ”Flirt’s” First Novice B Run – 197+

Training 12 wk old Border Collie puppies

Training 16 week old Border Collie “Joe”

6 month old BC “Joe” doing agility weave poles

9 month old BC “Joe” obedience training

“Valentine’s” 3rd qualifying run to get her NJP

Siberian Husky “Connor” after 10 days of training

 ”Joe” Debuts in Novice Agility

 ”JJ” MX Agility Run