Call Riju: 260-723-4633

Class Application

(for downloadable application, click here)

Make checks payable to RIJU DAWG SKOOL. Mail check, application, and copy of shot record to: RIJU, P. O. Box 31, North Manchester, IN 46962-0031

Classes are 7 weeks long (usually).

Please use bottom of this sheet to tell us what problems you are having with your dog. Type or print legibly.

NAME: _________________________________ PHONE (home):____________(cell/work):______________

ADDRESS: __________________________CITY: _________________STATE: ______ZIP: ____________

E-MAIL: ________________________________________ DOG’S NAME: ___________________________

BREED: _________________________SEX: __________AGE: ______________ Does dog bite? _______

How did you hear about our classes? ________________________ Vet’s Name: ______________________

CLASS DATES: ____________________TIME: ___________DAY OF WEEK: ___________________

Total cost of class: $ 140.00. A $40.00 deposit is due ASAP to reserve a spot for you. Balance of $100 is due the 1st day of class. (Applications received after classes fill will be held for the next class unless otherwise requested).
or PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: $_______________ per lesson, due on day of lesson.

I hereby release RIJU DAWG SKOOL, its owners & or class instructors and their dogs, or any dog in their care, Candlelite Apartments, or their owners, management, staff and employees, from any loss or damages which may occur. I agree to accept responsibility for the actions of my children, my own dog, and myself and will do my best to exercise reasonable control over them.

Please park in the Worthman Office parking lot, not at Candlelite.

Because of the carpeted hallway, beginners need to enter/exit through the back door.

X I certify by my signature that I have read and agree to the entire application.
(Adult) Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________________

X If the time slot you have selected is full, is one of the other times ok? ___ 2nd choice? ________

Rich & June Mintchell
(260) 723-4633

Try to arrive 10 minutes early for the first class.

EQUIPMENT-Leash, 4 to 6 feet long. NO CHAIN LEASHES. (Leather is best, cotton or nylon web are ok). Collar, standard chain training collar works fine for most dogs. No tags should be attached to the slip-type training collar, as it should never be left on except during training. A PROPERLY FITTED COLLAR WILL HAVE ONLY 1-2 INCHES OF LEFT OVER CHAIN WHEN PULLED TIGHT.

RABIES, DHLP, PARVO-Proof of shots required before class begins. A stool check is suggested. To save us time the first day, please send a photocopy of shot record with application. (Rabies not required for puppies less than 5 months of age).

Do NOT feed your dog the hour before class.

YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG. Please remember to bring your poop bags.

CHILDREN and other family members are welcome. Please KEEP THE NOISE LEVEL DOWN so the instructor doesn’t have to compete to be heard. CHILDREN MUST BE KEPT UNDER CONTROL at all times and are the sole responsibility of their parents.

Do NOT bring your dog to class if he gets sick. If in doubt, call.

Do NOT let your dog get too close to any of the other dogs unless the other dog’s owner okay’s it. Large dog owners should be especially careful of the smaller dogs.

NO SMOKING allowed in the buildings or during active participation even outdoors.

FEMALES IN HEAT are allowed IF they’re kept clean and wear a sanitary belt or britches. Keep them away from the intact male dogs as much as possible. Use of anti-mating spray or cologne is also helpful.

Please DE-FLEA, spray, or otherwise treat your dog before coming to class!!!!

Overly aggressive dogs (aggression towards dogs or people) may require a muzzle &/or private lessons, or may be asked to leave class with no refund & no recourse.

(for downloadable application, click on the link at the top of the page. Be sure to follow all the prompts. Thank you!)