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Coburn Teine Riju Leisel SCN, SIN, SHDN DC Riju Enjoy The Ride SC, CD, PCD,BN, RA, SWA, SCM, SIM, SEM, SWD, SHDE   X   DC WindNSatin Dragons Maiden SC DOB : 8-22-2018 co owned with Anne Midgarden DVM. Bred by Pat Shaw. Youngest dog of ANY breed to earn a Scent Work title. Earned her SIN, SCN, & SHDN all at 6 mos and 2 days old. Major pointed at 9 mo old.    

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Coburn Wickedly Awesome SCN, SBN 7/4/2017 GCHS CH Konza-Plum Creek Bugatti at Elance x FC WindNSatin Dragons Maiden SC Owner: Rebecca H Silver was working well in scent discrimination and also had 1 leg towards her SHDN at just 7 months of age. Formerly owned by June and Anne M, she now lives with our friend Rebecca H in Ohio where she is very well loved.   Click on thumbnails to see larger images and captions.

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    Del Sol Riju Keeper Of The Flame JC, RN, SWME,  SHDN 6/28/17 DC Riju Enjoy The Ride CD, PCD, BN, RA, SWM, SIME, SCM, SEM, SHDA, SWD, U-NC x CH Del Sol End Of Reason WNS At just 6 1/2 mo old Keeper finished 2 scent work titles. Handler discrimination and container search. Won a 4 pt major at his very first field trial! Click on thumbnails to see larger images and captions.

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, FC Teine Mirage At Riju SC, CDX, GO, BN, RA, SWN, SIA, SEA, SBA, SHDN (U-NN) #1 Borzoi in both Obedience & Rally 2017 & 2018 #1 Borzoi in obedience 2019 (BCOA) AKC all breed HIGH IN TRIAL winner @ FWOTC 5/5/19 – QS NB 198 1/2 3rd place in Triathlon at 2017 BCOA Natls BEST IN TRIATHLON 2019 BCOA Natls Natl Spec High In Trial 5/14/19 – NB QS 197 1/2 Click on thumbnails to see larger images and captions. 2/19/2015 DC Riju Enjoy The Ride SC, RA, CD, P-CD, BN, SHDE, SWM, SCM, SIME, SEM, SWD   […]

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OTCH2 CH Wildfire Dream Come True UDX5, OM8, VER,  BN, RA, NA, NAJ, SWME, SHDE, SWD, U-SN Finished CH easily with 3 majors (all majors owner handled). Multiple all breed HIT winner. Heart OFA normal, Hips OFA Good NN means UKC Novice Nosework. It means he has all the individual elements of containers, interiors, exteriors, and vehicle search titles at the novice level. (He also has an assortment of higher level titles in nosework.) Finished CD with three 1st places and 1 High In Trial, Avg Score 198 Finished CDX from Open B in first 3 trials. 195, 195, and […]

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