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About RIJU

About the owners

June has been training dogs since 1972; she is a provisional AKC obedience judge for the non-regular classes. Rich is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and has been training since the early ’80s.

We have worked with a wide range of breeds, sizes, & temperaments. We have successfully worked with abused & aggressive dogs. We get a tremendous variety! In addition, we have done therapy work with our dogs since the early 80′s. We have visited many hospitals & nursing homes over the years.

Besides doing countless obedience demos for the public, several of our dogs have also been on TV demonstrating how well trained dogs behave.

Our main goal is to train owners to train their dogs so they can live with them; however, our passion is to show dogs.  June & Rich have personally finished the following titles:

2 OTCH’s (Obedience Trial Champion)
1 MACH (Master Agility Champion)
39 CD’s (Companion Dog)
21 CDX’s (Companion Dog Excellent)
9 UD’s (Utility Dog)
3 UDX (Utility Dog Excellent)
2 TD’s (Tracking Dog)
18 CH’s (Breed Championships)

1 GCH (Grand Champion)

2 VER (versatility obed title)
1 NRD (Novice Retrieving Dog)
1 NSD (Novice Shooting Dog)
6 TDI (Therapy Dog Inc.)
14 CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
1 V (Versatile WCA title)
11 JC (Lure Coursing Title)
3 SC (Lure Coursing Title)
4 FC (AKC Lure Coursing Field Ch.)
5 U-Ag1 (Agility Title)
2 FCH (ASFA Lure Coursing Field Ch.)
7 NA (Novice Agility)
6 NAJ (Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves)
3 NJP (Novice Jumpers Preferred)
3 OA (Open Agility Title)
3 OAJ (Open Jumpers)
1 AX (Excellent Agility Title)
1 AXJ (Excellent Jumpers)
1 MX (Master Agility)
1 MXJ (Master Agility Jumpers)
1 GRC (Straight Racing Ch.)
12 RN (Rally Novice)
8 RA (Rally Advanced)
1 RE (Rally Excellent)
1 OM (Obedience Master)
5 BN (Beginner Novice)
2 GO (Grad Open, aka ‘baby utility’)
1 PCD (Preferred Companion Dog)

2 Vers (AKC obed)

4 SEN (AKC exteriors novice)

4 SEA (AKC advanced exteriors)

4 SIN (AKC novice interiors search)

5 SCN (AKC novice containers search)

6 SHDN (AKC novice scentwork handler discrimination)

3 SHDA (advanced handler disc)

5 SBN (AKC novice buried search title)

3 SBA (advanced buried)

4 SIA (AKC interiors advanced search title)

3 SCA (AKC advanced containers)

2 SCE (AKC excellent containers)

3 SIE (AKC interiors excellent)

4 SWN (all of the novice AKC elements on 1 dog)

3 SWA (all of the advanced elements on 1 dog)

3 SEE (AKC excellent exteriors)

2 SCM (AKC Master Containers)

1 SIM (AKC Master Interiors)

1 SEM (AKC Master Exteriors)

2 NE (UKC novice exteriors search nose work title)

2 NC (UKC novice containers search nose work title)

3 NV (UKC novice vehicles search nose work title

2 NI (UKC Novice Interiors search nose work title)

2 NN (UKC Novice Nosework)

2 AE (UKC Advanced Exteriors)

1 AI (UKC Advanced Interiors)

2 AV (UKC Advanced Vehicles)

1 SE (UKC Superior Exteriors)

1 SI (UKC Superior Interiors)



Trainers/handlers of HIGH IN TRIAL (AKC all breed, Natl and regional Specialty, and UKC all breed), BEST IN TRIATHLON, BEST IN SHOW, BEST IN SWEEPS, HIGH IN MATCH, BEST IN MATCH, BEST IN FIELD, 7 DOG WORLD AWARDS of DISTINCTION, & many top ranked obedience dogs.