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Obedience Seminar

Taught by June and assisted by Rich Mintchell Riju (rye-jew) Dawg Skool
Sat & Sun Aug 21 & 22 2021
Cost $250
Location-CandleLite Apts Clubhouse, 700 CandleLite Ct, Ft Wayne IN 46807
This is a working seminar geared towards BN and Novice Obedience and lower levels of
rally. Improving your performance and/or starting you out right. Because you will be working and
because our facility is small, it will be severely limited in numbers (10 -12 dogs max)
More about us and our training…..I (June) have put a CD or higher on 26 dogs (15 Borzoi) and have
several different dogs with AKC all breed High In Trial wins. I have had the #1 Borzoi in obedience for
19 yrs in a row. Other breeds titled by me are Weimaraner, German Shepherd, Lab, Aussie/Husky X,
Pomeranian, Whippet, & Border Collie. Rich has a day job and usually works wknds so he has been
more limited in his training and showing but he has also titled several dogs, some of whom were
deemed difficult or untrainable.
I have what I call a balanced approach to training. I do not use a clicker (I prefer to use my own unique
voice instead to reinforce). I do not do purely positive training. That said, I do think food luring is a
great way to start your dog and I have several YouTube videos showing such. Luring is a great start but
does not tell the whole story by a long shot. Once I remove the lure, I believe in being as kind as
possible with hands on placing and helping the dog to do things right. I then switch over to using food
as a paycheck instead of a bribe. Corrections are added as needed. I am trying to slowly and gently
shape the behaviors and a compliant worker. I reward with praise, play, and food. A happy attitude and
willing and reliable partner is my goal. I prefer NOT to correct my dogs but do when needed.
Corrections are meant to be instructive and not punishment. They are always followed by praise
because if a correction is done properly the dog is then doing what you want. Harsh corrections are
only used for one thing, aggression issues.
If this sounds like something you are interested in then I invite you to sign up for my seminar.
PS Unfortunately, space is very limited so you can only bring into the building any dogs you have
paid to enter. I would not recommend leaving any dogs outside in your vehicle as there is no shade,
plus this seminar is in an apt complex with plenty of the general public around is our website.

Aug 21 & 22, 2021
Please print legibly (I have old eyes!)
BREED Dogs Name
What level is this dog trained to?
What level have you previously trained and titled to?
What, if any, issues are you having?
What would you like to improve on?
A $100 deposit is required to save your spot. It is NON refunadable after July 31st. The balance of $150
is due by Aug 5th.
Make checks payable to Riju
Mail to
PO Box 31
N Manchester, IN 46962
Because of the limited availability you may want to PM or email me a heads up when you drop it in the
mail. (No worries, if you do not get in, your check will be returned.)
I agree to maintain reasonable control over my dog and be responsible for his actions. I also agree not
to hold Riju Dawg Skool, the owners and instructors as well as CandleLite and it’s owners responsible
for any loss or damages that may occur.

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