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GCH Riju Fun & Games JC, UD, VER, GO, BN, RA, NJP, SWA, SIE, SEE, SHDA, U-NN

DM clear, Heart Cerf normal

2018 MBC Specialty Select Dog for 5 pts to finish his Grand CH

2017 BCOA Natls awarded SELECT DOG

2015 BCOA Natl Spec HIGH IN TRIAL Nov B QS 198 1/2

2016 BCOA Natl Spec HIGH IN TRIAL Open B QS 196

2016 MBC May Specialty Award Of Merit

SWN is an AKC scent work title meaning he has earned all of the novice level elements (containers, interiors, exteriors, and buried) He is the 1st Borzoi to earn all of these titles.

SIA, AKC title, scent work advanced interiors

NV is a UKC nose work title,  Novice Vehicle.

NE is a UKC nosework title, Novice Exteriors

SIN is an AKC scentwork title, Interior Novice

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CH Riju Teine Fun & Games JC, CDX, RA x Ch. Teine Lunar Eclipse, RN, CD

BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES – 1/21/12 (Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty) at 6 months old
Judge: Susan Breaz

BBE Hound Group 1 @ 16 months old

BCOA #1 ranked Obedience dog 2014 & 2015

1st Borzoi ever to earn the AKC Versatility title which consists of rotating 2 exercises each from Novice, Open , and Utility.

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